Clitoral Stimulation with Sex ToysSex toys are a general term for modern innovations that partners use to heighten sexual arousal. A sex toy can be anything from a string of anal beads to battery-operated dildos. These sex toys are climax aids that are available to adults who want to experiment with how they achieve orgasm. In addition, these sex toys are made available in mainstream markets.

Sex toys are now accepted in the mainstream and more importantly, in the bedroom. Sex toys are utilized by females for self-service, and now gentlemen are starting to understand why these toys are essential. The concept that sex toys are for self-service alone is no longer generally held, although many women still use sex toys for this purpose.

Sex toys enhance enjoyment during sex. If there’s one thing that sex toys can do, it is hasten a woman’s orgasm. Climax becomes a common thing during sex due to innovations like rabbit vibrator and vulva massagers. Inventions like this make it simpler for the clitoris to be touched during sex.

Clitoral Stimulation with Sex ToysHow to Stimulate the Clitoris Using Sex Toys

The hottest models are intended for clitoral touching. Tongue dildos are a great example. Magic wands or other vulva massagers are designed for making sure the clitoris gets some action during sex and self-service. Rabbit vibrators have flaps that can massage the clitoral region during penetration. The short flaps (rabbit ears) are intended for stroking the clitoris while the major shaft is inserted inside the vagina.

There is a lot of marketing hype for clitoris-friendly vibrators, but the truth is, any type of vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris. Low vibration vibrators can be used for vulva massage. It helps if there is a remote control so that you can change to high vibrations at anytime. Non-direct contact is required for max benefit as direct contact may result in pain or soreness.

If the clitoris has been sensitized excessively, intensity can be lessened by touching the clitoris through a cloth. The female can work the vibrator herself so that she knows when to stop the vibrations.

For softer vibrators like the tongue dildo, stimulation can begin on the vulva before going to the clitoris. Slight touches on the clitoris works well when using soft vibration dildos. Lubricants that are well-matched with sex toys should be utilized. Sex toys can be waterproof or not .

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