Types of Clitoral Stimulation

Clitoral StimulationEven a beginner can come up with a lot of different ways to stroke the clitoris. Most of the time, the ideal type of excitation depends on the woman’s preference, and the man’s knowledge of intimate fondling. What’s important is that both the man and woman understand that the clitoris is extremely susceptible to touch. Any kind of fondling has the possibility to induce orgasm. The clitoris is the female seat of pleasure so you must know more about the types of stimulation that can ignite climax.

Specialized techniques are needed for expert clitoral fondling. Here are the three general ways of fondling the clitoris…

Kinds of Clitoral Stimulation

1. Manual Excitation

Soft friction over the entire vulva leads to non-direct clitoral contact. This can be done by means of the fingers, or the palm. For the latter, the man can press his palm on the vaginal lips, with his fingers pointing down. The pressure creates sensations on the mound, and the skin around the clitoris presses against the receptive pink tip of the clitoris. Continuing with this can lead to the softer type of clitoral orgasm.

For using the fingers, the man can place the forefinger and the middle finger on both sides of the clitoris and move them up and down on the sensitive skin. A gentle massage with a lubricated finger can also bring about orgasm. Direct fondling of the clitoris is recommended only if it’s already erect and if the fingers are thoroughly lubricated.

2. Oral Excitation

When performing oral sex, there are certain guidelines to follow. Firstly, avoid letting your teeth graze the clitoris. The pain a woman perceives when her clitoris gets nipped is unbearable.. Some women have thick prepuce (the “foreskin” homolog in the woman) and can endure biting for a time, but most women would rather be touched thoroughly.

How about sucking? Sometimes, you will meet a woman who prefers to be sucked than be licked, but to be on the safe side, always start with licking. Gentle licking should be done while the woman is reaching climax, and then sucking can be done when the woman is almost there.

What women want is a tongue massage directly on the clitoris. The common way is rubbing the clitoris with the soft tip of the tongue. To mix things up, the man can drink icy or warm water before doing this. The man can further stimulate the woman by tickling the other parts of the genital area with the exception of the clitoris

3. Mechanical Stimulation

The best way to stimulate the clitoris nowadays has something to do with the sex toys you use. The most well-liked clitoral stimulators are hand held versions and the strap ons. These include the tongue dildo, which is molded like a tube of lipstick and is obviously made for clitoral fondling. Bulkier ones like the hitachi magic wand have rounded, vibrating tips intended for clitoral stroking. The best model so far is the rabbit vibrator. The flaps are for clitoral stroking and the main shaft is for vaginal penetration.

Some Information on the Clitoris

Clitoral StimulationThe vaginal lips and clitoris comprise the enjoyment points of a woman. Of course, the lips and nipples are also hot buttons. However, no other organ on the human body is more responsive than the clitoris. This part of the female sex organ comprises one of the most sensitive nerve networks in the universe and it is yours for the discovering.

The female sex organs can either be found in the exterior or the internal. Among the external structures, the most responsive is the clitoris. This fold of skin is the key to every single climax a female has.

The clitoris is a sexual organ that is present only in female mammals. The button like protrusion situated beneath the pubic mound (mons) is the clitoris. It’s located above the opening of the urethra (where urine leaks out) and the vagina. Unlike the penis, which is physiologically much like the clitoris, the clitoris is not a part of the emission process and it does not contain the distal portion of the urethra.

How the clitoris and the penis are anatomical homologs is one of the greatest wonders in the natural world. At one point during the growth of the fetus, the genital tissues either become the penis in males or the clitoris in females.

ClitorisIn humans, the clitoris is the most responsive erogenous area of the female. Erection of the clitoris also transpires in females. Its continuing excitation may produce sexual pleasure in the female and orgasm, and is considered the key to females’ sexual pleasure.

The clitoris has two important parts, the shaft and the glans (or the “head”). The glans is the pink structure detectable on the mons pubis. The glans may look like a blister. The shaft of the clitoris is not detectable externally. The glans is the pink tip of the clitoris that may vary in shape depending on the woman.

One good way to sense the clitoris is to follow the line of the inner lips upwards, until you arrive at the stiff peak . The inner lips stretches during excitation, making the clitoris stand out more. The clitoral hood is also known as the prepuce, and this is like the foreskin in males anatomically. When the prepuce is peeled back, it shows the clitoral glans, or simply, the tip of the clitoris.

The inner and external parts of the clitoris function in sexual enjoyment and female orgasm. Lubricate your finger if you want to touch the pink tip directly. During penetration the inner clitoris structures are stimulated with the in and out movement of the penis.

Oral Clitoral Excitation

Oral SexOral sex is one of the best ways to induce pleasure during sex. Oral excitation of the clitoris is best when the pink tip is uncovered and the tissues surrounding the clitoris are wet. Gentle but firm pressure must be applied to the clitoris using the fingers, the mouth and tongue or a sex toy.

A man doesn’t need to exert too much effort into stimulating the clitoris, this is because the clitoral region is extremely sensitive to touch. The clitoral region also becomes sore fast if the oral stimulation is done wrong. Proper skill is imperative to incite just enough sensation from clitoral excitation to result in orgasm.

Women look forward to oral clitoral stimulation all through sex. When a woman is fairly excited, oral sex feels particularly good. A great sexual massage begins with pleasuring elsewhere on the woman’s body and finishing with clitoral fondling with the mouth.

How to stimulate the clitoris With Your Mouth

1. No Biting

Men should understand that the pain they feel when their penis gets nipped is equivalent to the pain a woman feels when her clitoris is bitten. Women vary in the way they want their clitoris to be licked. But one thing that’s common among women is that they don’t want teeth grazing their clitoris.

2. Tongue Massage

Going in circles around it gently and rhythmically with a wet tongue a good way to proceed. A wet tongue is superior to slathering lubricant and fingering the clitoris. To mix things up, the man can focus on licking the clitoral region while his fingers play with the internal and external lips. Some females find that clitoral orgasms feel better if the vagina is pleasantly stimulated.

3. Sucking the Clitoris?

Since the clitoris is the physiological counterpart of the penis, some men think sucking is equally pleasurable for women. The concept of giving a woman head by sucking appeals to some females but not all. A typical preference is for soft tongue rubbing over the entire vulva, followed by clitoral stimulation by soft sucking.

One good way to touch the clitoris is to follow the line of the vulva upwards with the tongue, until you arrive at the stiff peak . The man should not force the inner lips open to expose the clitoris. The inner lips tighten and retract naturally during oral sex, which means a man need not try too hard to expose the clitoris.

How to Explore your Clitoris

ClitorisSelf-service is a woman’s way of finding out what turns her on and what exactly she needs to do during sex to achieve climax. Women who touch yourself are more able to climax faster during sexual activity because they are familiar with the stimuli they need to orgasm.

You can always use your vibrator or your hands. Don’t hesitate to touch yourself, it is a beautiful act. Masturbation is a woman’s way of saying “I care” to herself.

How to Excite Your Clitoris

The clitoris is full of nerves that makes it extremely sensitive. This is why female climax almost always happens when the clitoral region is stimulated right. But for a clitoral orgasm to happen, various conditions must be fulfilled.

1. Fingers ought to be Lubricated

Even during rough copulation, the man and the woman must ensure that the clitoris does not become sore. Use a lubricant when fondling the clitoris.

The pink tip of the clitoral region must always be touched by a wet finger. This section of the clitoris can seen only when the folds of the outer vaginal lips are open out wide and when the clitoral region is distended enough for the pink tip to puff up. The clitoral region is hidden from view for a certain reason, and that’s because it is very sensitive. This may be for the reason that exposure of the glans to the elements may bring about the feminine pain more than delight.

2. Open out the Lips

If you feel a tingling sensation when you press your whole labia, it means the clitoris is being sensitized. The mound is the hairy, fleshy part of the female genitalia, and just past it is the fold of skin encasing the clitoris. By steadily massaging this spot, the vibrations will reach the clitoris indirectly.

If you don’t feel the clitoral region as soon as you stroke the inner lips, you may need to excite yourself more. The clitoral region hardens with excitation, and ought to be quite engorged when you start your exploration.

3. Touch Everywhere First

Rubbing the entire vulva region with the palm, can cause improved clitoral sensitivity. When the other tissues of the pubic region are touched, the clitoral region will soon be ready for more intimate touching..

Slide two fingers on the skin adjoining the clitoral region to rhythmically pull back the skin covering the clitoris bit by bit. Periodic actions will let the clitoral region peek out from the prepuce.

How to Stimulate the Clitoris During Sex

Clit Stimulation during SexThe clitoral region is much more hypersensitive than the penis. It isn’t exposed to the outside world like the penis. Touching the clitoral region can drive a female crazy because of its sensitivity.

During sexual activity, however, the clitoris tends to be forgotten. The friction is within the vagina, not outside it, during copulation. The tip of the clitoral region is anatomically far from where penetration happens. These may be the major reasons why females find it hard to orgasm during sex.

The clitoral region is more than just the pink nub that engorges with blood and stiffens during sexual activity. The clitoris has several other parts that extend inside the upper muscles of the gonad region. Speculation on the g spot being a major part of the clitoral region has been put out. But whether or not the g spot exists is still up for debate. The thing is, people shouldn’t be obsessed about g spot stimulation if they realize that they only need to touch the glans or the tip of the clitoris during sex to incite climax.

Stimulating the clitoris During Sex

1.    Erotic Fondling

Erotic fondling of the clitoris should be top priority during sex . Engaging in positions like dogstyle or female on top will expose the clitoris to touching. Either the man or the female can reach down to fondle the clitoral region with a wet finger during sex.

Lubrication is important when touching the clitoris because the delicate pink glans of the clitoris is extremely sensitive. The clitoral region can become sore and numb if exposed to too much friction.

2.    Grinding of the Pubic Region

When in tricky sexual activity position where the hands are preoccupied elsewhere, or when it’s not possible for the man or the woman to stroke the clitoris, the man can grind his pubic region on the female’s mound to stimulate the clitoris. One sex position allows this; it is called coital alignment. Stimulation on the pubic mound indirectly stimulates the clitoral area.

3.    Clitoral Dildos

There are sexual activity gadgets that can be used during sex to stimulate the clitoris, like we-vibe, pocket rockets, strap ons etc. These tools put pressure on the female’s clitoral region so that pressure in that area builds even though the chief source of friction is in the vagina. You can also try a pulsating penis ring. Using this penis ring, both the man and the woman are pleasured.

Slight fondling of the clitoral region can build climax for women faster than nonstop thrusting within the vagina. Women and their partners should use the ideas above to find more sexual satisfaction.

Fondling the Clitoris Using Sex Toys

Clitoral StimulationClitoral stimulator is any tool that is used to stimulate the clitoris and result in sexual enjoyment. These can be pretty useful during copulation, as this vibrating aids can prolong the feeling of female orgasm. There are strap ons and hand held vibrators that function as clitoral dildos.

A strap-on vibrator is normally shaped like a butterfly or any shape. The main part rests against the lips of the vagina and the antenna-like tiny protrusion or “nose” pulses against the clitoris. A pocket rocket is a mobile vibrator model that doesn’t look like any of the smaller vibrators you frequently see. It has a head with pulsating nodules. A pulsating bullet is a small plastic or metal stimulator that is shaped like a missile, and attached by a cable to a battery pack. Clitoral vibrators can also be appendages on regular stimulators that pulsate or rub against the clitoris.

Fondling the Clitoris Using Sex ToysSelecting Your Clitoral Dildo

There’s a glut of sex toys in the market nowadays. Luckily, it is rather easy to spot the good ones from a catalogue. Here are some suggestions for selecting a clitoral stimulator.

1.    Strap Ons

There are designs that leave the hands free to do something else while the clitoris gets stimulated. Some clitoral stimulators are hands-free, which simply means you can wear them in your underwear or your partner can wear them while you’re having sex. Some strap ons you can wear while you’re naked, and some are built-in (either the underwear is the ornament or the sex toy is a “feature” of the underwear) . Whether playing alone or with a partner, having something like this can help with stimulation. Most couples prefer strap ons with remote control.

There are clitoral dildos that men can make use of too, such as pulsating rings. These have small knobs on the dorsal part, which act as clitoral stimulators during penetration.

2.    Hand-held Stimulators

During oral sex, a woman can orgasm faster if her clitoris is touched using fingertip massagers or micro-bullets. The twin action designs are appealing. Oftentimes, there are flaps attached to ordinary dildos for better clitoral massage.

3.    Sex toy Material

Silicon and rubber clitoral massagers are best for gentle touching. Some strap-ons are made of these materials to look and feel more like the penis. But be careful when using rubber or silicon with oil based lubricants as the oil may corrode the material. To be safe, stick to water based lubes like KY Jelly. For waterproof stimulators, look for wireless bullets and pocket rockets with rubber-sealed battery compartments.

A stronger vibration is possible by using stimulators made of plastic or metal. Metal and plastic stimulators are usually bulky. There are sex toys with a pulsatronic controller, which will let you modify the vibration intensity significantly and according to preference.

4.    Select the best size.

Tiny stimulators are perfect if you’re traveling. You won’t need to feel embarrassed about other people looking at them during baggage inspection because they look like standard make up frills. Some people leave the bigger vibrators at home for discretion.

Clitoral Stimulation with Sex Toys

Clitoral Stimulation with Sex ToysSex toys are a general term for modern innovations that partners use to heighten sexual arousal. A sex toy can be anything from a string of anal beads to battery-operated dildos. These sex toys are climax aids that are available to adults who want to experiment with how they achieve orgasm. In addition, these sex toys are made available in mainstream markets.

Sex toys are now accepted in the mainstream and more importantly, in the bedroom. Sex toys are utilized by females for self-service, and now gentlemen are starting to understand why these toys are essential. The concept that sex toys are for self-service alone is no longer generally held, although many women still use sex toys for this purpose.

Sex toys enhance enjoyment during sex. If there’s one thing that sex toys can do, it is hasten a woman’s orgasm. Climax becomes a common thing during sex due to innovations like rabbit vibrator and vulva massagers. Inventions like this make it simpler for the clitoris to be touched during sex.

Clitoral Stimulation with Sex ToysHow to Stimulate the Clitoris Using Sex Toys

The hottest models are intended for clitoral touching. Tongue dildos are a great example. Magic wands or other vulva massagers are designed for making sure the clitoris gets some action during sex and self-service. Rabbit vibrators have flaps that can massage the clitoral region during penetration. The short flaps (rabbit ears) are intended for stroking the clitoris while the major shaft is inserted inside the vagina.

There is a lot of marketing hype for clitoris-friendly vibrators, but the truth is, any type of vibrator can be used to stimulate the clitoris. Low vibration vibrators can be used for vulva massage. It helps if there is a remote control so that you can change to high vibrations at anytime. Non-direct contact is required for max benefit as direct contact may result in pain or soreness.

If the clitoris has been sensitized excessively, intensity can be lessened by touching the clitoris through a cloth. The female can work the vibrator herself so that she knows when to stop the vibrations.

For softer vibrators like the tongue dildo, stimulation can begin on the vulva before going to the clitoris. Slight touches on the clitoris works well when using soft vibration dildos. Lubricants that are well-matched with sex toys should be utilized. Sex toys can be waterproof or not .

How to incite Clitoral Orgasms

Clitoral Orgasms

Men and women have climax in a different way, but in some aspects, they are alike. First, the man or the woman must feel aroused and sexually aroused. These two things must be present to ensure orgasm. The combination of sensations from erotic touching and dirty thoughts make sex enjoyable. Pleasurable emotions arise from a combination of verbal and bodily cues.

Second, a specific organ must be fondled and stimulated. We call these places ‘erogenous zones’ for observable reasons. All the foreplay, when focused on these erogenous zones, amount to the sensitization of a certain organ. For men, this organ is the penis. For females, this organ is the clitoris. It’s the consistency of the rhythm via which these organs are fondled that induce orgasm.

Clitoral Orgasms?

Clitoris fondling is mostly done during the foreplay phase. But many couples have found methods to make sure the clitoris gets sufficient stimulation during sex. A sex position, called coital alignment, can induce clitoral orgasms. By doing this, a man can press his pubic area on the woman’s, which can lead to an adequate amount of pressure to incite a clitoral orgasm.

Manual touching of the clitoris can also be done, by means of sex toys and clitoral massagers. So long as the couple prioritize clitoral touching during sex, orgasm is possible. With a particular amount of skill, the woman can orgasm fast.

The nerve ends in the clitoris are many and thick, that’s why it takes so little erotic fondling to stimulate it. But pleasure can turn into discomfort or lack of sensation if the clitoris isn’t massaged right. It is advisable to try some new methods to stimulate the clitoris, including using several vibration intensities using the sex toys.

Making the clitoris sore could lead to more discomfort that anyone can imagine. Climax is not possible if too much pain is present. Guys know this feeling, since the penis is often injured when grazed with teeth. If the clitoris is over-stimulated or hurt, the woman will be incapable to reach climax due to the burning pain on her clitoris. Doing something to inhibit this from happening is the best way to make sure that the clitoris is safe from harm There must be adequate lubrication on the clitoral region before touching.

Before fondling the clitoris, lubrication should be applied. Friction can be gratifying if lubrication is at hand. Using a hypoallergenic, water-based lubricant is safer than oil based.

Fingering the Clitoris

Clitoral Stimulation

One touch on a woman’s clitoris can send her reeling. Female orgasm has always been associated with expert clitoral touching. But for a clitoral orgasm to happen, some conditions must be fulfilled.

Even during rough penetration, a man or the female herself should take care not to cause clitoral soreness by biting, nibbling or rapid friction. A lubricant or saliva must be applied on the receptive surface of the clitoris prior to erotic fondling.

The clitoris has an very responsive tip, referred to as the glans. Pain in this area can be unbearable because the skin on the glans is very receptive. This part of the clitoris can seen only when the folds of the outer vaginal lips are spread wide and as long as the prepuce is naturally pulled back from the enlarged clitoris. All the covering may have a physiological purpose. This may be for the reason that exposure of the glans to the elements may cause the female discomfort more than pleasure.

Clitoral Stimulation

When it comes to clitoral touching there’s such a thing called over-stimulation. the glans is sensitive because of the dense network of nerves residing under the skin of the clitoris. If a man or a woman fiddles with the clitoris too much, a burning sensation occurs.

There are many means to use fingers for stroking the clitoris and increasing sexual pleasure. One way of doing this is by putting pressure on the mound using two fingers. The mound is where thick hair grows, and just underneath it is the clitoral region. By rhythmically massaging this spot, the vibrations will reach the clitoris indirectly. By doing this, the entire clitoral area as well as the glans is given a gentle massage. The trick is to make sure the pressure on the mound is sufficient, and the direction of the massage is towards the general area of the clitoris.

Gentle friction over the whole vulva, with inadvertent fondling of the clitoris or the skin covering it can also bring about orgasm. If the female is already in a fairly high state of arousal, these accidental brushing of the clitoris can send a jolt of pleasure. If this is done to warm the woman up, five minutes of soft vulva fondling can increase the female’s state of arousal.

Massaging the region on both sides of the clitoris can also bring about orgasm. Up and down motion will promote further engorgement of the clitoris until the pink tip peeks through the taut prepuce covering it. The man can also work the inner parts of the clitoris, including the g spot. This is appropriate during oral sex.

Searching for the Clitoris

Clitoral Stimulation

Everybody knows that the clitoris is the seat of a woman’s arousal. Even during copulation when the clitoris is rarely directly touched, a woman feels enjoyment due to indirect pressure on the outer and internal parts of the clitoris.

Where can you find the clitoris?

It takes patience to locate the clitoris if it’s your first time. Viewing a woman’s frontal region will only show you pubic hair and a mound of flesh . Just below this mound of hair is a cushion made up of two lips, the outer lips or labia majora. These two soft, cushiony things are also covered with hair, and they press together concealing the sensitive parts of the feminine genitalia, the inner lips.

The clitoris is located at the summit of the inner lips hidden by the plump mound. This region is cushioned by the muscles of mons pubis (the mound). The clitoris, when not distended, can easily be mistaken as a part of the inner lips. Sensitization is necessary for the upper pleat of the inner labia to reveal the clitoris.

Hence, the clitoris can only be discovered if you know how to explore the inner labia. The inner lips aren’t difficult to find, with their color darker than the encircling flesh. The inner labia become more folded after birthing.

The inner lips may be very trim and narrow, coiled inward, fluted, or so widely flared that they protrude past the pubic hair. When the inner labia swell and change color during excitement, the clitoris should be visible. A clitoris that is engorged with blood is pink and blister-like.

If you are exploring, a woman’s clitoris can be noticeable when the lips (both inner and outer) are spread open. But even then, the clitoris might not be visible due to the outer fold of skin (the prepuce) encasing the inner pink, blister-like tip of the clitoris. During sex, when the female is in a state of excitement, the clitoris engorges and swells out. The prepuce has not be peeled back to reveal the clitoris but this is necessary for some women with dense “foreskin”.

Dimension and shape of the clitoris vary from woman to woman. Direct stroking of the pink tip may cause discomfort, so it is advisable to touch the skin encasing the clitoris first to locate out how sensitive the woman is down there. The tip of the clitoris is generally known as glans, and it houses around eight thousand nerve ends. The male must stimulate the woman by stroking for the clitoris to be engorged and noticeable.

One can explore the clitoral area via the mons pubis. Just below the mound is the clitoral area and pressing on the spot until the clitoris engorges should expose what you’re looking for.